One of [if not THE] most fundamental properties of physics, it remains elusive to description and explanation in modern physics today.

Often described simply as the attractive [or repulsive] vector force experienced at a distance between two or more particles of Matter and mathematically formulated in 1785 a complete and satisfactory explanation of the quantum source of and role of Charge in physics remains stubbornly elusive to all who have sought it , until now…

Tetryonic theory’s equilateral Planck quanta reveals charge to be an inherent geometric property of electromagnetic energy arising from their quantum field geometries, and while electrical energies themselves are inherently non-polarised the magnetic moments of each side of a Planck quantum quoin each possess a distinct magnetic vector that in turn determines the weak force interactions of fields and particles on all scales of physics.

Ie it is the magnetic vector, not the electric field that determines whether a quantum field of EM energy [a boson or photon] is ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ and in turn the equilateral asymmetry of many combined quantum quoins of EM energy momenta that in turn creates fields of electrostatic and electromagnetic energies that go on to create the charged 3D Matter topologies of the particles of the Standard Model.

CHARGE is a measure of the inherent geometric magnetic dipole moments of all equilateral Planck energy momenta that comprise all the 2d fields, 3D particles and 1d forces of our Universe.

Tetryonic theory’s new geometric model of electromagnetic charge quanta advances our understanding of the quantum source and role of charge in the physics of our Universe in new and exciting ways.

While the Standard Model posits spherical sub-atomic particles Tetryonics reveals quantum charge to be an inherent and essential geometric property of the elementary Platonic topologies of all particles with each particle [charged or neutral] having a distinct number of charged fascia [Higgs bosons] comprising the final topology that makes each and every elementary particle unique.

Special Relativity, developed and advanced as an explanation for the constant velocity of light irrespective of the motion of the source posited that Lorentz corrections applied equally to mass & Matter alike through Einstein’s mass-energy equivalence formula and that the contraction of spherical Matter in motion was the source of magnetic moments and observed emfs in magnet-conductor experiments.

Tetryonics shows that all particles have rigid 3D Matter topologies and that their magnetic moments are the result of the asymmetric distribution of Planck mass-energy quanta [E=hv] in their 2d kEM fields of motion… [Mv^2/c^2] not any physical distortion in their material topologies thus undermining a central and foundational assumption of relativity theory.

This simple and elegant explanation of charge wrt material particle topologies and the associated velocity related magnetic moments of their kEM fields of motion also does away with the virtual particles and infinities of QED that have so long plagued its formulation and reconciliation with experimental results to date… totally removing renormalisation and inherent quantum indeterminacy from its equations and thus restoring deterministic motion and mechanics to physics.

With SR & QED having been corrected from this foundational geometric understanding of EM charge geometries attention can turn back to reconciling the mathematical similarity of Newton’s formula of Gravitation and Coulomb’s formula of Charge interaction – at which point Tetryonic field geometries come to the rescue yet again and show that between any two charged particles two equilateral fields of EM energy momenta exist, reaching out from each particle to create a field of interaction irrespective of time and proportional to the charge topology and motion of each particle respectively…. [Instantaneous interaction-at-a-distance]

Likewise the mass-Matter content of celestial bodies and their GRaviational attraction to each other can be similarly modelled but in this case the extended fields of EM energy and resultant force vectors are based on the strictly attractive vectors forces between the bodies firstly and mathematically formulated from this field geometry secondly…

The end result is an identical mathematical formulation [save the force constants k & G] where one produces an interactive vector force while the other produces a strictly attractive force only…. Irrespective of time.

Einstein, with his concepts of relativistic motion and no differentiation between charge, mass or Matter and a time limited speed of propagation [c] required a different explanation and formulation of gravity in order to account for the observed perihelion of Mercury in its motion about the SUN.

His failure to differentiate 2d mass and 3D Matter from an understanding of the source and role of charge at the quantum level of physics is understandable as quantum theory had yet to be invented at the time he formulated his ideas of relativistic uniform motion [SR] & accelerated motion [GR] leading to his much vaunted formula of mass-energy equivalence [E=mc^2] which completely neglects to define and equate 3D Matter in its formulation [m/c^2=E/c^4=?]. It stands in obvious disagreement with both Newton and Coulomb as to the possibility let alone mechanics of the observed instantaneous action of Gravity over cosmological distances irrespective of time, leading to an exhaustive search for ‘gravity waves’ since GR was released publicly.

Many other well know ‘proofs’ of GR exist such as the ‘bending’ of light near bodies of massive Gravity such as stars and the ‘time dilation’ of photons of EM mass-energy in GPS satellite communications etc. – but all of these ‘tests’ also suffer from the same foundational problem that beset Einstein in the first place – there is no differentiation of and between planar 2d fields of mass-energy momenta and material bodies of 3D Matter.

If science cannot [or will not] define and differentiate between 2d mass & 3D Matter and provide a understanding of the source and mechanics of charged energy over space and time in physics then any explanation developed from such a limited understanding may at best mirror reality but offer no real explanation as to the real mechanics at work in Nature – at least Sir Isaac Newton was honest at his failings in this respect in terms of his mathematical solution.

As always there exists a ‘kernel of truth’ in both formulations but only Tetryonic theory with its charged quantum geometries offers a complete ‘picture’ of the mechanics at work and why the maths formulates the way it does and how two wildly different formulations of universal gravitation can both mirror reality despite the inclusion or exclusion of time as a factor.

NATURE AT HEART IS GEOMETRIC IN FORM – mathematics is simply our human attempt to describe the geometric properties of EM energies at work, energy forms we could never hope to see, until now.

In short Tetryonic theory both explains and unites the maths of classical, quantum and relativistic mechanics through the power of equilateral quantum energy momenta geometries & Matter topologies.