Ideological Rifts and Working Toward Greater Global Harmony

Ideological Rifts and Working Toward Greater Global Harmony

There's really a whole lot more going in the world right now than very many are willing to openly admit. I've learned that sharing opinions doesn't really get anyone very far especially were deadlocked ideologies stand.

There are many rifts between different types of ideological understanding plaguing the planet today. When you connect that with having to share a nation or planet with others who simply refuse to consider others point of views, we've got serious problems to deal with.

I have no hesitation admitting the deep dodo that humanity needs to deal with. The problem is that nobody feels empowered enough to stand up for what they truly believe, and there aren't many willing to actually step forward and outright state what is going on in the world at large.

In my opinion, there are dark forces at work. They are playing a finely tuned game, blackmailing all dissenters or those who even attempt to state an alternative perspective out in the open. 

Well, since this site is dedicated to a new physics truth movement, the first order of business should be that of physics. But I don't want to limit this blog to strictly physics topics, because I feel there is a much bigger elephant in the room than the deception of modern science being forced upon us.

The problems that I can see are glaring all of us in the face right now, and almost everybody feels hopeless to change the way the game is played. I would like to play a part in restoring your faith in humanity and in science to address the steps that are required to change the very rules of the game. We must share this terrestrial body floating along in space, and work within ourselves to bring about a more harmonious relation with others and with our planet.

I'm here to suggest that the solutions to all our problem are available and have been here for some time now. We must collectively figure out how to cooperate with those who you completely disagree with. You're not going to change my mind, and I'm not going to change yours, but when you get down to it, we have to share our resources with a global community. We must transcend a specific part of ourselves before we can openly cooperate and share ideas with others who disagree wholeheartedly with our approach to knowledge and understanding.

So before we get the show on the road, I would like everyone to be aware that there is a growing group of people and movements that are trying with all their collective might to release truth to the world. The mainstream media won't give it to you, and you can bet that the global politicians are and will continue to conspire against you until their authority has been compromised in some way.

The growing number of solutions currently available to society has forced the hand of the elite and the Agenda 21 proponents have hit the fast forward button because they can sense the shift themselves. They are attempting to send each and every one of us back to the stone age, in hopes of preventing the Alchemical Renaissance that has already begun. If this modern Renaissance is allowed to take hold, then they will certainly lose control over the paradigm they've created.

"The Alchemical Renaissance" has already begun and I welcome you all to a new era in Scientific understanding. It will take a few years, but with this knowledge out in the world, we now have the resources, the understanding, and the teamwork to build a better civilization. One that the current elite organizations never predicted.

I'm suggesting that if some of these new emerging technologies can be released to the public across the planet there is still time that we could all experience yet another shift of humanity. The renaissance of old was but a twinkling of an eye compared to what has already been released to the world. A wealth of opportunity is inherently built into this new model of understanding and it's finally time for humanity to transform the planet for the betterment of all kind.

Looking back across the nexus of time, it will seem utterly mind boggling why or how humanity kept wearing the chains of slavery for so long.  Looking back across even a short time span, say a decade, will render the past an unrecognizable hodgepodge of complete confusion, ignorance, and waist of global resources to advance the cause of but a few.

I try not to worry about what we are leaving our children and grandchildren to deal with. Rather, I work tirelessly to help spread information across the globe that could have such a profound impact on the future of this planet. I want my children to thank this generation for our courage and enthusiasm to affect real and lasting progress rather than scorn the failures of their parents and grandparents generation. This is an open invitation to do what you do best, whatever that may be. It's time for you to use your gifts in any way necessary to uplift humanity as we ascend into new territory. I am looking for others to share the responsibility and we are about to party like never before.

All you need to join our movement is to speak your truth. Don't expect others to change their thinking. What happens is that others start to simply notice the change around and within you and eventually they come around to seeing and experiencing a much larger reality than before.

I don't personally care if you agree with any of my opinions. I am beyond that. I will work with others from different cultures, religions, ideologies, and personalities if you have shown your dedication to the advancement of the human condition, helping to spread this awareness across the globe. This movement is not about convincing others to think like you or to do what you do. Rather it is an invitation to take the steering wheel into your hands, however you can do that, and work across the lines and confines of national borders, cultural understanding and any other rift associated with the beliefs that anyone of you holds dear.

We are embarking on a new journey and there will be nobody left behind. We are working for the betterment of all kind and that should never be overlooked or misunderstood.

We can provide free energy to the world, I am utterly convinced and if you are not able to see that, then you've been indoctrinated with a limiting belief system, and I offer my services to you free of charge to help uplift your spirit and take on the world with a renewed sense of purpose and exuberance.

Never, ever, underestimate your individual power, and what can happen when you couple that to even a few others who can work within the framework of cooperation beyond competition, beyond ego and beyond a core set of ideologies. I'm not sure who will respond to the call, but if you do, I am honored to welcome you aboard our ship and let us discover the future together.

The For All Kind movement starts with respect, and Truthfulness, and Honesty then follows. We operate beyond competition and are honing our skills at a new kind of cooperation. A cooperation that increases and maximized your individual purpose and influence in the world.

Greed is taken out by the knees with this model of spontaneous alignment with our True Selves, and if you've gotten this far, let me be the first to welcome you. What you make of it in the end is up to you, however know that there is assistance you never knew about available to you right now.

There is undoubtedly some time left to make these changes, but that time is being shortened by a minuscule number of individuals who know not what they do.

Never underestimate your resources.