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"Quantum quoins [hv = zero point energy = hf/2] are the building blocks of everything in our Universe....

Each having an opposite charge fascia possessing mass-energy momenta. They combine through Coulombic attraction and the weak nuclear force to create spectral bosons and photons of light in EM fields as well as the Higgs bosons [charged mass-energy fascia] of all Matter topologies [fermions] themselves.

Only through equilateral Planck quanta can the mysteries and paradoxes of modern science be resolved and presented in an entirely new geometric way so as to advance and unify our understanding of physics on all scales."-Abraham


"Modern physicists, armed with their complex relativistic simultaneous nonlinear equations would have you believe they understand electricity - but the truth of the matter is that they understand less than Nikola Tesla did at the turn of the 19th century as he illuminated our world with AC technologies....

The modern electrical engineer armed with textbooks or equations and imaginary numbers has still to recognise the validity of Eric Dollard and John Bedini's work not because of anything experimentally incorrect with it but because they fail to recognise just what benefits and advantages can be gained from a 90 degree translation of a EM waveform and its associates 'square root' linear momentum can bring to electrical technologies ...

[and like most of us, when faced with something unfamiliar to them or something that wasn't covered by their education they all too often retreat to what is familiar to them and science and technology stagnates as a result]

Geniuses are born, they are created by their desire to understand what isn't taught, to push the boundaries of common knowledge and in turn make discoveries of outstanding importance and benefit to us all, they simply didn't allow their intellect and thirst for knowledge  to be limited by their education.

Tesla showed us that practical wireless technologies are available to Humanity where real horsepower can be delivered anywhere on the planet at any time free of cost, but failed at developing a coherent theoretical explanation of his discoveries that could replace the growing relativity movement of the time.

Now is the time to differentiate 1d forces within 2d mass-energy from 3D Matter in electrical theory and to develop a complete understanding of electrical forces and how we can utilise them in completely new ways to the benefit of ALL, but first commonplace established ideas of nebulous energy and EM forces as the result of differing frames of relative motion must be swept aside so the the mechanics can be revealed and exploited as Tesla intended.

Tetryonics offer a geometric theory that not only explains Tesla's breakthrough advances but also reveals where relativity and modern electrical theory alike both erred in their foundational understanding of the mechanics of our Universe." - Abraham


Stemming from a radical reinterpretation of what square numbers are in physics and their application to Quantized Angular Momentum (QAM). It can now be shown through the geometry that the QAM of Planck’s constant is in fact the result of its quantized equilateral triangular geometry, not a vector rotation about a point.

The equilateral geometry itself gives rise to the physical properties of charge, electrical permittivity, magnetic permeability and the rigid physical relationships between inertial mass-energy and moment in physical systems at the quantum level.

Charge(QAM/C2) ,in addition to its role as the geometric source of physical properties, also provides the quantum frame work for radiant 2D mass-energies to become 3D standing waves Matter geometries facilitating the development of large scale physical systems of atoms,compounds, stars and galaxies throughout our universe.

Hitherto unexplained and mysterious properties of quantum mechanics are now revealed as having their origin in the geometry of planks constant itself.

Given concept and applied scope of quantum physics in today’s technological world there remains a driving desire to rationalize our numerous disparate scientific theories into one coherent discipline that can be applied equally to the quantum and cosmological scales of our universe.

Such a theory would need to preserve the currently observed outcomes and present established theories in a new light, offering additional testable predictions of its own, and ideally do so in a manner that is simpler than that of the established quantum theories and hypothesis.

Many foundational properties of quantum mechanics remain unaddressed by scientific theory and in the following pages an over view of the key quantum properties challenging our current scientific advancement will be highlighted, including a number of assumptions that currently impede the development of a fully realized, coherent solution to all of our current scientific questions.

While mathematics is the language of science it remains a language that lacks a well defined physical model on which to test it and further its many and varied solutions to quantum mechanics. it is this lack of any rigid, enforceable geometry [grammar] that has allowed the flourishing of numerous statistical and probabilistic solutions to the physical problems in turn impending our scientific advancement of quantum processes.

The standard model has many observed and testable components to it but more recently new theories have emerged to contest it without being rigorously testable themselves. They rely on the established foundation provided by the standard model but try to explain its various deficiencies adhoc without any solid footing of their own.

The only way to progress further in our scientific endeavors is to retrace our footsteps in quantum mechanics and develop new physical models on which we can discern our known results and observations thus including any false mathematical assumptions.

In doing so there exists the promise that a simple underlining geometric foundation can be found, revealing new and exciting advances in science that will allow us to usher in a new age of scientific and technological advancement for the betterment of humanity as a whole.

Tetryonics: the charged geometry of EM mass-ENERGY-Matter whose founding principle is that EQUILATERAL energy is the foundation geometry for all quantum mechanical processes is just such a solution to the current quandaries of quantum mechanics.


Tetryonics builds from a single postulate - that the 'squared numbers' of math in physics are in fact describing equilateral momenta geometries [the quantised angular momenta of Planck's constant is an equilateral geometry]

From there a geometric explanation of Charge is developed whose interactions lead to the formation of mass geometries & Matter topologies of our Universe along with the fields of Force between them..

There are many, many corrections to existing theory and testable hypotheses that are derived directly from the application of equilateral QAM to the maths of physics namely:

QM,.... squared numbers are equilateral Planck quanta, the charged topologies of all fields and particles, tetryon hidden in existing collider data

QED..... Relativistic KEM fields of electrons [replacing SR], spectral line series geometries, explanation of wave~particle duality

Chemistry..... Deuterium makeup of atoms, new periodic table, complete models of charged topologies of all 120 periodic elements.

Cosmology.... Differentiation between 2d Mass & 3D Matter leading to geometric unification of Newtons' G & Einstein's GR at all energy scales [unified quantum gravitation], a new explanation of the true mechanics of stars [not fusion] leading to clean, limitless energies.

as well as many minor, but all the same important corrections to the current explanations and interpretations of physics in general....

The greatest mistake made by most is to dive into the eBooks that they understanding favours without first learning the basics and building simple model s of all the fields and particle using the provided T-theory templates.... please don't let your education hinder your learning....all my work to date is laid out in a logical, coherent sequential order to enable anyone [should they choose], to follow it through step by step from QM -QED-Chemistry-Biology-Cosmology and Math.

And I am always happy to explain things in further detail if required ... there are also extensive recording on YouTube and the 'Science of Life' website where I delve deeply into various topics by way of explanation & Tetryonic communities exist on FB, G+ and Tumblr as well..

Tetryonic theory in short allows us to see and model the hidden geometry underpinning the mechanics of nature ....

A Hubble telescope for the quantum universe....

Abraham Kel
July 11, 2013
Tetryonics shows us the true Planck-scale geometry of the quantum world that makes up our

At first the theory was driven towards just matching existing mathematical expression in an attempt to understand what was actually happening at the quantum-scale and in turn driving our macro-scale physics.
But it quickly became apparent that a purely mathematical model of these interaction leaves too much room for erroneous assumptions and the entire formulation of the quantum processes turned to reflect and model the actual Planck mass-energy geometries and their interactions.

This is not to say the mathematics is incompletely wrong, but it does not afford us the fullest picture of the mechanics at work at this scale, and in turn has let itself be molded as much by philosophy as a true understanding of the quantum processes.

As a result there are many little errors and misconceptions that pepper modern mathematical descriptions of the quantum scale physics that the rigid geometry of Tetryonic’s equilateral Plank energy momenta removes completely from the picture.

Nowhere is this more apparent than with Planck’s constant – the foundation of Quantum Mechanics itself - familiar to all who study it this foundational component of our Universe is revealed to be an equilateral quanta of mass-energy momenta [work] whose physical geometry is derived from its QAM [quantized angular momentum].

That is to say [m^2/s] at the quantum scale, so long considered by physicists to be a vector rotation about a point is revealed to be in fact a TRIANGULAR geometry with the same dimensional units. [SQUARED energies are in fact EQUILATERAL geometries]

Applying all this to say the Dirac equation for the free relativistic particle where:

• ψ = ψ(x, t) is the wave function for the electron,
• x and t are the space and time coordinates,
• m is the rest mass of the electron,
• p is the momentum, understood to be the momentum operator in the Schrödinger theory,
• c is the speed of light, and ħ = h/2π is the reduced Planck constant.

Accordingly, any wave-function, when fully illustrated is no more than a picture of all the equilateral Planck quanta in any system under measurement. Tetryonics does this with ease [and intuitively if I say so myself] compared to the long complex multi-dimensional and often compartmentalized equations currently in use to describe the same system mathematically.

In Tetryonic theory many of these familiar mathematical operations and equations are reduced down to geometric representations of the component math from which it is born in a human attempt to describe it – if math is the language of Science, then equilateral geometry is its grammar’

Tetryonics QED delves into the geometric detail of the 2D quantum charged fields that go to make up the 3D rest Matter of the electron itself [along with its properties of Compton frequency, rest mass-energy-Matter, and magnetic moments].

And Tetryonic QED itself focuses in on electrical theory and the properties of photons in EM waves, along with their respective properties of 2D mass-energies, relativistic Lorentz corrections, Revealing in turn, the foundational relationship between QAM [equilateral Planck mass-energy geometries] and all the physical properties of light – frequency, wave-length, probability-amplitudes & wave-numbers etc.]

For example, with regard to the Dirac equation for an ionized Hydrogen photo-electron moving in free space [with Lorentz corrections], there are many illustrations to be found in the Tetryonics [2] – QED eBook that show the exquisite quantum detail of each and every quantum step in the Hydrogen atom.

The geometry and geometric relationships of all of these physical properties are shown in the greatest possible detail in each relevant illustration culminating in an entire section in Tetryonic QED covering the Hydrogen spectral line series of Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Brackett, Pfund, Humphries and a hitherto ‘unknown’ spectral line relating to the transition from n8-n7 within the Hydrogen nuclei’s orbitals.

These details are all contained in a series of 4 illustrations for each spectral series and show the geometric relationships for all the physical properties of spectral lines, their emission & absorption as well as the mathematical relationships for all these spectral line properties to the underlying geometry at work to produce them.

The relativistic spectral photo-electron illustrations were released last month and they detail all that is it possible to know about each electron, its rest mass-Matter and the relativistic corrections that apply to their changing KEM field energy momenta that produces their unique spectral signatures [to the 9th decimal place in all instances], making them more that capable of replacing and even enhancing Dirac’s mathematical model of the same.

All Space time co-ordinate systems are reduced to spherical co-ordinates based ion the propagation [speed] of mass-energy [light photons] in a vacuum, i.e. [c^2] for 2D planar mass-energies and [c^4] for 3D Matter components of the same system [c^2*c^2]

The 2D mass of any 3D Matter is simply a measure of its equilateral energies per c^2 and in fact it is the changes to the energy momenta of these Planck geometries per c^n that provides us with our basis for the measurement of Time [i.e. Time [s] is a measure of the changes in QAM in a space-time co-ordinate system [m^2/s] * [s^2/m^2]]

Spectral lines present what is possibly the best example of the impact of changing Newtonian linear momenta in quantum mechanics. Linear momenta [the square root of scalar energies] represented by the scalar height of any equilateral field of mass-energy and is represented accordingly in all illustrations with its vector direction of force being a vector arrow in the same direction.

And finally Dirac’s constant [or the reduced Planck’s constant] is shown to be a measure [or representation] of the diamond shaped electric field component of any equilateral Planck mass-energy momenta field.

All of these properties and physical systems can be described in full detail using Tetryonic’s unified field equation [UFE] of mass-energy-Matter [meM] – Tpi [ [EoUo] [mΩv^2]]. Which in turn can in turn be reduced to the familiar Einstein-Planck equation for mass [nhv/c^2] with the appropriate manipulation of the math and an understanding of Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism.

It is natural for a formally educated scientist to ‘assume’ that as I have not related everything back to the ‘current’ mathematical equations of physics or that Tetryonics must be some form of pseudo-science that makes use of color filled geometries to entrance readers at the expense of substance.

NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH.

Tetryonics simply rebuilds our model [and understanding] of the quantum scale particles and interactions from its foundations and explains all the current math in geometrics terms...... and along the way it re-structures the established math and corrects its foundational errors at every step where they are encountered.

This is not without its challenges, for in the process many established ways of modelling and viewing quantum scale events must be re-learnt in order to see their true physical reality and to extricate them form the morass of abstract mathematical equations that have been developed from assumptions over the past 400 years of science.
Never has there been [or likely to be] a clearer example of “A picture paints a thousand words”.



Let your mind slowly become educated toward what is really going on as opposed to what you think is going on.

In all honesty, even with the illustrations I did, when I first stared drawing the triangles, the results I was getting was completely opposite and foreign to what I was used to.

There was a steep learning curve involved in what I called spacial awareness as to what happens when you flip or rotate a triangle. It sounds simple, and everyone goes, "Yeah, that's easy to do, but do this..?"

The reality of the thing......

Once you can intuitively understand the geometry, you can forget the math, and your brain, once wrapped around it.

Tetryonics is an intuitive process. In a split second, you can imagine what's happening when energy is added to a system and how it changes the system,  and the interactions that occur. If you try to write that down in equations, you end up with a page or two pages of equations, all interrelated and none of it being very intuitive.

Tetryonics is a bottom-up approach. We start at the very basics of physics, which is the Equilateral Triangle and we build everything in the universe from that equilateral triangle. That's all we start with and that's all we use, whereas modern science is built upon our perspective of the universe looking down to the quantum level.

As we can't see it, we've had to make assumptions, we've done measurements and observations, and worked out the math to give us the same answers as what we observe in these experiments without truly understanding what it was that was occurring at that level.

That's what Tetryonics does. It fills in that blank. It says, 'Geometrically, this is what's happening! Give us the math, and it will give us the results!'

Once your brain adjusts with it all, and you become familiar with exactly how these shapes interact and how they look when they flip and rotate, you find that it becomes very quick.

It's like learning another language. Initially, when you are learning it, you are constantly thinking what you want to say in your original language, and then translating it before you speak.  Once you have immersed yourself and learned the second language, you don't tend to do that. You just think and speak in the foreign language. That's what's really going on.

I do a lot of physics these days and I don't do the math. If I need the math to prove a point to explain it to somebody, I'll do it, but I can get much quicker answers and do much more detailed work just using the geometry. That's where it applies back into teaching this geometry to children at an early stage.

The quicker you learn it and become familiar with it, the less the established assumptions of modern science will influence you, and the more proficient you will be." -- K.C.A.


Tetronic theory like quantum theory itself is based on the Planck quantisation of energy-momenta, where quantised angular momenta of Planck's constant is a measure of its equilateral geometry [not a vector rotation about a point as is assumed presently] and each energy quanta has an associated square root linear momentum component.

As these Planck quanta tessellate [or fill] EM fields asymmetry is created between the positive and negative Planck quanta leading to the creation of charge at the quantum level of physics....

And the creation of divergent and convergent vector forces which in turn create the macroscale mechanics of Coulomb's Law of Attraction [or Tetryonic theory's Law of Interaction].

As more and more Planck quanta are added to each charged field [J/C] a Voltage is created and electrical work and where these extended EM fields of mass-ENERGY momenta overlap [or superposition] Forces can be effected....

Modelling equilateral Planck quanta geometries [QAM] as ideal short-circuited electrical inductive loops and their associated geometric linear momenta as 'square root' vector forces [mv] also provides an explanation for the inertial properties of mass in Matter topologies..

An education today means you can repeat what your teachers taught you, it is not a measure of original or creative thought processes.

For too long maths has lauded itself as the foundation of physics, it is NOT. It is simply a human construct designed by humans to describe things and processes they cannot see and as such is subject to all the limitations and weaknesses inherent in any human construct.

Equilateral GEOMETRY is the foundation of physics, it is what Nature employs to create all the mass-Matter and forces of our Universe without concern for human attempts to model it with mathematics...

There is a paradigm shift taking place in science today which will see maths replaced by Tetronic charge geometries so a new, more complete understanding of the mechanics of nature can be revealed and understood by all.


What is photon?
Photons are comprised of dual charge bosons that have combined to form a neutral quantum of energy momenta [light]

A photon's quantum charge geometry is self-similar to the EM wave it creates and it part of, and it propagates at 'c' for the medium it is within.

Each photon has a quantum magnetic moment which enables to it be polarized and refracted as it passes through fields external to it.


The quantisation of scalar EM fields [heat, light, force] through the use of Planck's constant [h] lead directly to the development of Quantum Field theory [QM, QED].

What was lacking from the mathematics developed to describe QFT was a rigid geometric 'grammar' leading to the inclusion of various false assumptions into modern quantum theory that can now be corrected using Tetryonic charge geometries to reveal the true nature and geometry of Energy at all scales of physics.

Even the normal [Gaussian] distribution of Planck quanta themselves within scalar EM fields offers a geometric solution to unifying QFT with classical mechanics and relativity [via Lorentz contractions] as well as explaining the source of the statistical probability math and mechanics of quantum theory itself.


The use of Pythagorean right-angled triangles to map Lorentz corrected scalar energies and sqrt linear momentum in relativistic mechanics is a geometric half-truth.

All Planck energy momenta are equilateral triangles where their quantized angular momenta [omega] is a reflection of their equilateral geometry, not a quantum-scale vector rotation about a point.


T-theory provides a bottom-up geometric approach to QFT where all fields and particles can be accurately modeled.

It eliminates infinities, Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle and provides a deterministic model of all Energy forms in any chosen temporal time-frame [c^n].

This then allows for the very accurate modelling of the quantization of scalar fields and macro-scale mechanics.

In short, Tetryonics is a geo-mechanical model of energy interactions from the quantum scale up to the Cosmological. In turn eliminating such problems through its rigid geometric models and deterministic mechanics.

At the heart of Tetryonics is the foundational postulate that all 2D Planck quanta of mass-energy momenta are equilateral quanta and that 3D Matter is tetrahedral in nature [not spherical as has been historically assumed].



The geometric Lorentz contraction of Planck mass-energy momenta in the KEM [Kinetic EM] fields of photoelectrons led to Einstein's relativity theories.

Sadly, Einstein in SR extended the Planck WAVE-length contraction of mass-energies to include Matter topologies in motion. An oversight that has led to a major foundational flaw in relativity theory itself.

The stress energy tensor [Tuv] of relativistic mechanics treats all forms of mass-Matter as an ENERGY density/pressure gradient without regard for the rigid geometric properties of energy itself.


What's been missing from the Standard Model of physics today, as it's been developed, is a tangible geometry in order to further develop a lot of our math. The current math at the moment relies on Gaussian formulations, where 4[pi] geometries are assumed to be spherical just like planets and stars. What Tetryonics will show and further elaborate on, is that the geometry or the [pi] geometry of energy is in fact equilateral triangles. It's the tessellation or joining together of these equilateral triangles that creates the quantum mechanics that we formulate our math on. It then goes on to create all the large scale Classical interactions of Newton and gravitation.


"The initial discovery was aimed around quarks and subatomic particles and their charges.

Once I figured out that Equilateral Geometry itself was the reason we have squared numbers in the mathematics of physics, I sat down and worked through the basics of the standard model of quantum mechanics. That allowed me to define... between and distinguish between 2 dimensional mass energy, and 3 dimensional Matter, what the difference between the two is and how they come about through interactions.

In essence the geometry of squared numbers allowed me to develop geometric models that you can print out on paper, cut out with a pair of scissors and with a bit of sticky tape, build physical models of three dimensional matter, as in all the subatomic particles that we will never be able to see with our own eyes, and all the basic electromagnetic fields (which are called bosons and photons). Everything that's within the subatomic standard model of physics in quantum mechanics were then able to be resolved to a piece of paper full of equilateral triangles that you can print out, and are available in my work. They are called the Tetryonics Templates."

In one felled swoop, with an understanding of mass and Matter through geometry, and what electromagnetic charge is, how it's made, how it comes about and it's role in creating mass and Matter, Tetryonics completely re-writes the book of quantum mechanics as it stands now. T-Theory shows, where the mathematics comes from, in terms of triangles, and how these triangles make all of the mass and Matter and all the fields, in other words, everything in physics that fills out universe, all from equilateral triangles."

As you familiarize yourself with the Planck Quanta, or Planck Charge, you will begin to see all the different arrangements that are possible.

In the strictest sense, a single triangle can be called a planck quanta, a zero point field or a boson."


The inertial mass that forms Matter Topologies are equilateral inductive circuits. It's the geometry of the Electro Magnetic fields in MAtter Topologies that give us inertial mass. There's no Higgs Boson.

When Matter is moved a secondary field is created, and the energy of motion is stored in this secondary KEM (Kinetic Electromagnetic) field in the direction of motion.

Changes to this KEM Fields are flat 2-d planar mass energies

These topologies displace vacuum energies thus creating a pressure gradient that seeks equilibrium. Thus Matter Topologies create a convergent gravity field and it's mass-Energy content create a radiant EM filed. Together these fields create a GEM ( Gravito-Electro-Magnetic ) Field. There are convergent gravity forces and there are radiant EM forces that attract and repel.

When Matter is accelerated, the energy of motion is stored in the secondary KEM field

charge is the measure of Planck quanta per second.

Newton and Coulomb are both similar because they are both geometric means.


"The real first element that is created comes about when hydrogen bonds with a neutron, to form what's electrically called  a quantum synchronous rotating converter, or what physicists and chemists call it, a deuterium nuclei.

Deuterium Nuclei can store and release energy in a controlled fashion. They also have ( courtesy of their Charged mass-Energy Topologies ) various points of plus and minus electric charges and differing North and South Dipoles within their charged fascia themselves. As a result, even neutral particles, neutrons, hydrogen, deuterium, still have many plus and minus charges and magnetic dipoles with which they can interact. Again, they interact to form a more stable equalized state of matter.

The Deuterium atoms come together as, one Deuterium atom, which is now on the periodic table as Element one instead of Hydrogen, Helium has two Deuterium Atoms, Carbon has 6 Deuterium Atoms and so on. In essence, the zed number, which use to related to the number of protons and neutrons in any element, actually accounts for, or numbers, the numbers of Deuterium Nuclei in any periodic element.

The elements that deuterium nuclei themselves can come together with various energy levels, 1,2,3,4,5, upward through 8 and they can go higher. When they come together they interact through the geometry of the electric and magnetic fields. The external charged fascia of the Deuterium Topologies, and Chemistry and even QED, often refers to this additional force as the residual strong force, or the residual EM force, just to differentiate it from the charge attraction between quarks that form baryons etc.

In the case of where they form baryons as the strong force, the charged fascia are parallel and they touch each other to form a seal. The full electric charge is face to face.

In the case of the residual force, the electric fields of the quarks... ( you can only see these on the models when you build them, or in the illustrations where it's indicated)....in the case of a proton or a neutron, form 3 points around the circumference on the external topology of plus or minus electric fields. These electric fields line up, in the case of a proton, it will have 2 positives and 1 negative, in the case of a neutron, it will have 2 negatives and 1 positive. Taking care to point out that neutrons are made up of positive and negative charges. they are not completely neutral as modern theory states.

Every particle in the universe has positive and negative charges. Where these 3 electric apexes on the baryons, they pertrude."

remember charge geometries have a convergent energy momenta component as well as the divergent component - which is why we don't seem to notice it all around us [like fish not noticing the water they're in]..... so if you want to create an 'anti-G-force' device increases the Electrostatic voltages in the region concerned [this all sounds so intuitive in hindsight, but is completely overlooked at present as a form of propulsion]-


Bedini http://www.thediyworld.com/ssg-battery-restorer.php


Abraham in his own words...

See how confused physicists get trying to explain photon's properties in terms of 2d mass 
The expression for momentum is, to say the least, naive. It's very confusing to take a classical approach to a particle that obeys both classical and quantum behaviors.

A photon obeys E = pc. Einstein (in 1905) showed in his seminal paper on Special Relativity that E^2 = (pc)^2 + (m_0 c^2)^2
where m_0 is the rest mass (or invariant mass) of the particle. Invariant means the mass in the rest frame of the particle.

A photon has no rest mass. In other words, m_{0,gamma} = 0 (we usually denote photons by gamma in physics). Notice that by setting m_0=0 above, we obtain E=pc.

But that's weird, because a photon has momentum! For us, classical momentum is attributed to an object of mass m moving at speed v such that p = mv. But a photon has no mass, therefore no momentum. Here's another question: we know photons can hit things and excite objects, so it must be transferring energy. But Einstein also said E=mc^2. So if a photon has no mass, it has no energy?


The error lies in physics, or rather, the oratorial abilities of Physicists and their mastery of the English language. Remember, when we say a photon has no mass, we mean that its invariant mass is zero. Let's step back again.

What mass was Einstein talking about when he stated E = mc^2? He clearly did not mean the invariant mass which is zero, he meant that a particle of energy E has relativistic mass m. People (back in the day) used to call this m relativistic mass. This term still carries over today.

Let's expand our equations about that total energy E here
E^2 = (pc)^2 + (m_0 c^2)^2 equiv (mc^2)^2
Then we find that a photon with m_0 = 0 has "relativistic mass"
m = rac{p}{c}
which is directly proportional to its momentum.

What's this momentum? de Broglie's relation from wave-particle duality does state that
p = rac{h}{lambda}
where h is Planck's constant and lambda is the wavelength of the particle (in our case, the "color" of the photon).

Then, we can combine everything to see that the "mass" of a photon (really, I should be calling this the energy of a photon) is just
m = rac{E}{c^2} = rac{p}{c} = rac{h}{c} imes rac{1}{lambda}

And you can sort of see (from a semi-classical approach) that a photon with a more redder (longer, larger wavelength) will have a "smaller mass" - but what we're really saying is that it has less energy than a bluer photon.

To summarize:
particles have invariant mass [m_0] and total energy [m, E]
(don't say "relativistic mass")
"relativistic mass" and energy are equivalent, it is merely a unit conversion.

Tetryonics shows us that Energy and mass are equivalent [as per Einstein's formula E=mc^2].... ie what has Energy has an equivalent mass per second, leading to the measurements of momentum [p=mv] associated with EM waves....

What the photon doesn't have [as it's a 2d planar field of EM mass-energy] is any 3D Matter topology [or extended Z component to its energy waveform]...... as Tetryonic theory charged geometries clearly show.

In short a photon has a relativistic [velocity related deBroglie WAVE-length], but it is 'Matter-less' field or weightless particle in gravitational fields.

So how can it be bent by such fields as 'shown' in General Relativity? It can't. Its path through space is bent [or refracted] by the external EM fields it is moving through [Faraday rotations etc].

It all comes down to scientists not defining the geometric properties of photons correctly and mixing up mass & Matter in the math equations that describe them, and then interchanging [m] for [M] in their explanations of the same.

Thankfully a geometric solution is at hand [see below]

What do modem physicists do when they need to overcome the limitations of Relativity theory to explain the mechanics of inertial mass?? Why they take a leaf out of string theory, invent new particles and give new names to fields that modern science doesn't support......... all bunkum

The HIGGS field is another name for the Aether
The HIGGS boson is another name for the charged fascia of Matter topologies containing squared numbers of Planck quanta [W bosons]
The HIGGS mechanism is just another name for the inertial resistance to energy changes of quantum inductive loops of Planck mass-energy momenta moving through the aether....

Why do they do it.... they are too busy maintaining the status quo, repeating the dogma they were assessed on in high schools and Universities.... and continue to receive funding all the same to 'research' every more ridiculous experiments to test even more ridiculous hypotheses - all based on flawed mathematical suppositions......

I don't know about the rest of the World but I for one am sick of the blatant manipulation of the populace by religious, political, scientific and commercial self-interests of the World....

..... while others in this world go hungry, have no shelter or little education and are faced with daily life in conflict zones not of their own making, science seeks to research black holes, design warp-drives, postulate on 40yr old strings & magnetic monopoles, dream of 'fusion' utilizing ever more sophisticated mathematics and computer graphics to hide their real ignorance of the matters........ Geometry rules our Universe not math

If I can build a fully relativistic quantum field model of physics [particles and their field interactions] in 5 years using only an equilateral triangle that unifies all of modern Science [QM, QED, Chemistry, Biology, Math and Economics] and offer it the World free of patents then why can't the rest of the World take this gift, open their minds and seize this opportunity to shape a whole new world of equality, fraternity and knowledge for all Humanity?

To those who would doubt [or seek to challenge my work or motives], put up or shut up..... to those who claim its just 'pseudoscience' I ask you apply the very same criteria to string theory or Relativity theory..... I am only too happy to participate in an open, public forum [T-theory vs modern science in all the above disciplines] where we'll debate the foundational explanations and merits of both theories and their claims in the true spirit of public scientific debate.....

If a new scientific principle is developed that better fits the observables, explains the existing mechanics while making testable predictions, then it should be understood, debated, tested and then accepted - even if centuries of dogma must fall in the process....... that is science.

What we are taught through our education system is just the best understanding available to those who went before us.

It is up to us as individuals in all our fields of endeavor to break free of the chains of education, and to use our intelligence to create a better understanding of our Universe.

The data fits, but the geometric explanation of the physics and mechanics underpinning is changed - and then goes on to explain so many other current 'paradoxes' in the fields of physics...

ie the source and role of charge, differentiation of mass and Matter, the incorrect postulates underpinning SR & GR and how to explain and unify Newtons G, Coulomb's k, SR & GR with quantum theory to produce a fully relativistic quantum theory of universal gravitation.... and an accurate quantum topology of all 120 periodic elements

Modern science is stuck in a serious case of Confirmation bias.......

Since the 1900 with the emergence of relativity theory [and its erroneous postulates about the Lorentz contractions of charged mass-Matter in motion], modern science and the math used to describe it has continued to accept ever-increasingly wilder speculations about the true nature of the observations of physical processes on many energy scales....

In short what the mathematics formulates to be true and what Humanity are interpreted as the causative agents of these processes and formulations is growing further from the underlying geometric truth of the matter day by day...

Field singularities, Quantum Uncertainty, Virtual particles, and Black holes are but some of the most glaring mistakes of modern science' current penchant or belief that maths is the 'language' of physics. Perhaps it may serve as a framework language to describe the underlying physical geometries at work - but it is Planck geometries themselves that serve as its 'grammar' and which reveal the true visual splendor of Nature at work on all energy scales...

Modern maths in physics is like the blind man with his walking stick who strives to describe the zebra he is prodding to all who would listen but not see for themselves....


There is probably no finer example of just how far off track the modern physics is than with its interpretation of 'squared' energy levels and wave-functions in quantum theory, along with the transitions between them that result in all the spectral lines and colours of our Universe....

It is Planck geometry not maths that underpins the physics of our Universe [math is a human abstraction o the material processes at work]


all the above are postulated abstractions used to explain the geometric properties of Planck energy momenta

Of maths is the language of science - equilateral Planck geometries are its foundational grammar

Just because we explain things one way today doesn't mean we will continue to do so in the light of better information and theory....

I have meticulously detailed all my work and the corrections I talk about - best to read before you offer comment

Until modern physics learns to differentiate between mass & Matter [and the role charge plays in QM] it will continue to 'pat itself on the back' on the experimental verification of data while drawing incorrect extrapolations from experimental results and the maths associated with those results... what is desperately needed is a new theory that explains the experimental results obtained, corrects the underlying maths and unites the separate fields of physics, chemistry, biology and cosmology into one unified theory... [Tetryonics is just that]

Deep within the existing data of LHC and other accelerator experiments lies just one example of existing data that has been incorrectly interpreted...... and experimental validation of Tetryonic theory [just posted the explanation of the 'hidden' charge -mass ratios I speak of
vague nothing, apparently you failed to read the work and efforts about which you feel compelled to comment on never the less.... the words are specifically chosen in response to statements made.... if you feel they are vague then offer a superior idea of your own without resorting to web cut-n-pastes [in your own words]

Peeps in the web theses day,who haven't read the work and worse have no understanding on which they comment - still feel compelled to offer the World their 'worldly' advice and criticism of work they cannot even begin to understand.... [as they haven't even read it but psychically they can 'smell the bs'.... very scientific I must say]....... perhaps the effort of reading is too hard so a quick remark will keep their 'troll points' up with the online communities


Tetryonics is simply far superior than any other existing theoretical model of the physics of our Universe, just because one must actually read a theory in order to comprehend it should not deter those who feel compelled to comment....

T-theory explains and unified all the mechanics of QM, QED, Chemistry, Biology and Cosmology while pointing out glaring mathematical mistakes and assumptions through the diligent use of equilateral geometries [or 'squares' as the mathematicians of modern physics would call them....

hence my original feed statement..... mathematicians are like the blind man with his walking can describing what the zebra is like, and the misinformed trolls are those who hang on his every word and repeat it to anyone who pays them attention....


T-theory is simply a step by step explanation of the current observations of physics that then explains the quantum processes at work and how they arise, in turn leading to some straight forward [albeit challenging for some] corrections to our Understanding of modern physics...

NO-one is more blind that those who think they know it all, and there is NO room for improvement in science...  KCA


What is CHARGE, and what role does it play in everyday physics?

EM charge is the asymmetric distribution of equilateral Planck quanta with electromagnetic fields.....

The polarity of each charged field is determines by the magnetic dipole that forms with the field sand its vector direction wrt the electric field.....

The E&M fields of every Planck quantum [Zero Point Field] contributes to the creation of all the nuclear forces [Weak, Strong and EM] that shape the various geometric fields and Matter topologies found throughout our physical universe..... and give rise to Coulomb's law of Attraction.....

in turn creating motion in our Universe as charges seek equilibrium.

Nothing screams error more than the 'squared' numbers, 'mass-less' photons and E=mc^2 in the mathematics of physics.........

it is time physics was taught how to differentiate 2-dimensional mass from 3D Matter and bosons from photons geometrically.......

before more harm is done to the next generation of scientists....



"How I was able to extract the ascension equation from Zeepers E=mA²Z² and give an answer to all kind's evolution with regards to Nikola Tesla?

Based on E=mQ² equation for consciousness I came up with Einstein's primary formulation where E=mc^4 is made using electrical mass x heat² x frequency² and you get on the Planck Level Fp√(c x G x h_bar) or Planck Force x square root(speed of light x Gravitational Constant x Reduced Planck Constant) This equals Force of Pushing Gravity x Acceleration over an Area of flat Universe. So you see that Gravity as a pushing force of ether is like a wind to a flickering flame of evolution becoming a fire with no control. Quote: Tesla. At E=mc^4 90 % of human brain is activated and ascension follows this had already happened.

It took us and all kind about 750.000 years of evolution to become one with the basic energy of this universe electricity that powers consciousness."


Prof. Andy



Abraham Words

I often get comments from people who think Tetryonics is pseudo-scientific or even religion-based, and while the connections are apparent in the geometry let's be clear and state once and for all that - Tetryonics is founded on the single postulate that the 'squared' numbers of math in physics are reflective of underlying foundational equilateral Planck geometries.........

That my name is ABRAHAM and the Star of David crops up often as charged EM fields super-position to create fields of Force is simply co-incidental and should never prejudice any inquiring mind that seeks to understand the physics of our Universe....

In fact who says that the unification of science and religion should be verboten , it is simply the result of Descartes 16th century compromise with the Pope to ensure his work could be published... leading directly to the separation of material Matter from fields of mass-energy & Force

For those who follow the path and truths of geometric understanding the doors of scientific enlightenment will be opened...



Feynman lectures



JFK in his own words....

Without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed, and no republic can survive.

That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy.

And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment--the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution--not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply "give the public what it wants"--but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger...

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people are inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.

We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

Even today, there is little value in opposing the threat of a closedsociety by imitating its arbitrary restrictions. There is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it.

And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship and concealment.

That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it's in my control.

And no official of my Administration, whether his rank is high or low,civilian or military, should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to censor the news, to stifle dissent, to cover up our mistakes or to withhold from the press and the public the facts they deserve to know.

For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.

It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resourcesinto the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.
Its preparations are concealed, not published.

Its mistakes are buried, not headlined.

Its dissenters are silenced, not praised.

No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed.

No President should fear public scrutiny of his program.

For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition and both are necessary.

I am not asking your newspapers to support the Administration, but I am asking your help in the tremendous task of informing and alerting the American people.

I not only could not stifle controversy among your readers--I welcome it.

This Administration intends to be candid about its errors; for as a wise man once said: "An error does not become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."

We intend to accept full responsibility for our errors and we expectyou to point them out when we miss them.




Walking Papers - "The Whole World is Watching Lyrics"

The change occurs when the pain of doing the same thing is worse than the fear of change.

Isn't it strange
the change ain't happening
This is a 1963 and you have to be high on LSD
to think this is the land of the free
with its income and inequality

Hurry up and wait
The whole world's watching
waiting for something to happen - it ain't happening
Hurry up and wait
The whole world's watching
Waiting for something to happen

Change occurs when the pain of doing the same thing is worse than the fear of change
Isn't it strange
the change ain't happening
You have to be blind to think that this is what they had in mind
when they outlined and signed the constitution
Here's your campaign contribution

Hurry up and wait
The whole world's watching
Waiting for something to happen - It ain't happening
Hurry up and wait
The whole world's watching
waiting for something to happen - it ain't happening

Do you need a release
Do you need a release
Do you need a release? 

The change occurs when the pain of doing the same thing is worse than the fear of change Isn't it strange - the change ain't happening

Walking Papers - The Whole Worlds Watching Lyrics 



Rene C. Notes

I spoke with Kelvin wrt attraction between Quoin edges and fascia and how its possible to form the three Tetryon types. have a peek at illustrations 66.07 - Fundamental Field Strengths and 04.28 - Biot-Savart Law. i haven't time right now to test the numbers in a simulation, but when i get around to it we'll all have a chance to explore the mechanics of the process...

you're always welcome, Richard... they key point is that Quoins ARE the radiant energy, the field energy etc... there is no other exchanging particle between Quoins... puzzling, but its what we have to go on - for now


Kelvin Post

"What do modem physicists do when they need to overcome the limitations of Relativity theory to explain the mechanics of inertial mass?? Why they take a leaf out of string theory, invent new particles and give new names to fields that modern science doesn't support.

The HIGGS field is another name for the Aether
The HIGGS boson is another name for the charged fascia of Matter topologies containing squared numbers of Planck quanta [W bosons]
The HIGGS mechanism is just another name for the inertial resistance to energy changes of quantum inductive loops of Planck mass-energy momenta moving through the aether....

Why do they do it.... they are too busy maintaining the status quo, repeating the dogma they were assessed on in high schools and Universities.... and continue to receive funding all the same to 'research' every more ridiculous experiments to test even more ridiculous hypotheses - all based on flawed mathematical suppositions......

I don't know about the rest of the World but I for one am sick of the blatant manipulation of the populace by religious, political, scientific and commercial self-interests of the World....

..... while others in this world go hungry, have no shelter or little education and are faced with daily life in conflict zones not of their own making, science seeks to research black holes, wax lyrically over dark matter and dark energy, design warp-drives, postulate on 40yr old strings & magnetic monopoles and dream of 'fusion' utilizing ever more sophisticated mathematics and computer graphics to hide their real ignorance of the matters........ Geometry rules our Universe not math

If I can build a fully relativistic quantum field model of physics [particles and their field interactions] in 5 years using only an equilateral triangle that unifies all of modern Science [QM, QED, Chemistry, Biology, Math and Economics] and offer it the World free of patents then why can't the rest of the World take this gift, open their minds and seize this opportunity to shape a whole new world of equality, fraternity and knowledge for all Humanity?

To those who would doubt [or seek to challenge my work or motives], put up or shut up..... to those who claim its just 'pseudoscience' I ask you apply the very same criteria to string theory or Relativity theory..... I am only too happy to participate in an open, public forum [T-theory vs modern science in all the above disciplines] where we'll debate the foundational explanations and merits of both theories and their claims in the true spirit of public scientific debate.....

If a new scientific principle is developed that better fits the observables, explains the existing mechanics while making testable predictions, then it should be understood, debated, tested and then accepted - even if centuries of dogma must fall in the process....... that is science." -- Abraham



=======Prof Andy Post concerning the marriage of Al Zeeper Equations and Tetryonics... 


Generations of Scientists dumbed down by the relativistic corrections in Physics ...

Press release: May 4th, 2014, powered by http://forallkind.tetryonictheory.com/ & Wow Go Here . com

Dear fellow truth seekes,

For those who love equations and truth! We can add some insights that could help you calculate with Planck to extasis, now it will give answers to many things, yet not to everything.

The issue of 1/sqrt(a)! in the E=mQ² or E=mc^4 equation, latter was Einstein's first concept before he went down to c².

To clarify the term please see my dissertation and professorship where I have two greatest geniuses as my academic tutors.

1=c and 1= heat wave velocity (normalized to 1 on Planck scale) as they have different velocity on the interplanetary level for each atmosphere, due to planet's reference star orbit time Z and planets gravity acceleration A. (the work of Zeeper)

Sqrt or square root must be the relativistic non-sense to keep c^4 down to c² for the sheeple and cattle not to freak out. Why a double Planck Charge 2Q if Planck is wrong and Zee has it correct?

Anytime we use relativistic corrections we dumb ourselves down. Once we remove sqrt we have pure Force or Coulomb Q! So E=Q Energy is Force over Distance or E=m x a x l, Heat wave v = A x Z for each planet, so it has not sense to measure time out there, Amrit/Fiscaletti/Zeeper are correct again.

Tesla was not dumb as double Charge / double Current is numerical order of motion or change in 3D (time) in Planck terms.

Mainstrem physics needs Tesla/Zeeper/Margan/Amrit/Fiscaletti/Andy's dynamic corrections & a Abraham/Blankenship Tetryonic Geometry approach.

See: http://vixra.org/abs/1302.0150 (page 21, see also page 33)

Best wishes, as you can see Prof. Andy has calculated Planck into extasis at brain asserted on 110% capacity, do not do that at home as the feeling of transformational relativistic discharge is similar to orgasm. Cigars, and bunny rabbits for eveyone!

We dedicate this press release to our founding institute Terra Unida, Stuart Hameroff, MD & Sir Roger Penrose



















I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.-

Genesis 12:3

Tetryonics has a lot to say and show concerning universal gravitation and the role of inertial mass and topological Matter in creating it.... all in my Cosmology eBook if you wish to look it over.

But the poor differentiation of mass from Matter is a major stumbling block for the academic community when it comes to understanding my work or even gravitation for that matter [no pun intended]....

Tetryonics shows why Newton's and Coulomb's formulas for gravity and charge interaction are so alike and also reveals where Einstein erred in his development of SR and its extension to GR for accelerated frames of reference...

But it took my 8 years to develop and refine Tetryonics and no doubt you've invested quite some time yourself on your own work..... it's not surprising the reaction I get from supposedly intelligent academics at times usually sorted out with some simple pointed questions as you've observed.....

The day will come when science realises that all the math of modern physics is really founded on equilateral Planck geometries and that day I am confident is when we'll make serious progress scientifically.


All too often people claim Tetryonics was founded on sacred geometry as a pseudo scientific attempt to explain aspects of modern science when in fact Tetryonics was founded on nothing more than an equilateral Planck triangle of energy momenta....

It follows the path of these quanta as they combine over and over in various ways to unify all the fields of the material sciences to reveal hidden geometries and quantum topologies long ignored by math and science since the development of those fields..... and Descartes compromise which lead to the creation of physics itself.

And while Tetryonics is not founded on sacred geometry the connections it reveals are undeniable as it explains the hardest mysteries of physics itself on all energy scales.....

Leading us to the obvious question - was sacred geometry left to us to help guide us to a deeper truth the mechanics of our Universe and in turn a new era of understanding - one where science and spirituality are no longer considered exclusive to each other but simply differing viewpoints of the same reality like mass and Matter, spirit and Flesh

Perhaps its time to follow the clues left to us from the past and provided by equilateral Planck geometries to set aside our bigoted views of our Universe and to develop a better more holistic understanding of science and spirituality as being an inevitable step forward for humanity in our search for knowledge and an even deeper understanding of all things spiritual and material.....

Perhaps an apocalyptic revelation of long hidden quantum processes is just the stimulus science needs to launch us into a new era of discovery.


Massless photons -  a oxymoron created by maths if there ever was,  by definition mathematicians and physicists know that any measurement of energy per unit time is a measurement of mass yet they persist in such terms...

Photons that comprise all EM waves are planar quanta of mass-energy momentum [p=mv=E/c], yet watch a physicist squirm when you ask them to explain how a particle with momentum [p=mv] can be massless despite its measured linear momentum and energy content....

[and for an additional giggle ask them what the c^2 represents in E=mc^2 which they will no doubt invoke in attempt to explain it]

Modern science simply does not differentiate geometrically between 2d mass and 3D Matter as it should, else its maths and explanations of photons and EM wave properties would make sense to us all.


c^2 is a spatial measurement of any planar region of space - used for measuring planar energies [bosons, photons EM fields] ie 2d mass-energies

c^4 is a volumetric spatial measurement of any volume of space.. used for measuring 3D Matter topologies made of and containing 2d mass-energies.


c^2 can also be referred to as light seconds and c^4 as light seconds squared if you like...


Thus allowing Tetryonics to define mass as Energy per light second [m=E/c^2] and 3D Matter as Energy per light second squared [E/c^4]

Even modern physics can't explain the use of these terms and yet they use them all the time throughout physics..... constantly swapping mass for Matter and vice versa... and calling photons etc mass-less particles when in fact they are Matter-less or weightless fields.


m = mass   [Energy/c^2]

M = Matter [Energy/c^4]

showing us E=mc^2 is incomplete and does not include any formulation for Matter restricting its proper use to an equivalence of mass and energy

the correct unified formulation for mass-ENERGY-Matter is:

[m]ass = E/c^2 = Mc^2
[E]NERGY= mc^2 = Mc^4
[M]atter = m/c^2 = E/c^4


Tetryonic theory corrects the underlying false assumptions of Relativity..... photons are not 'bent' by gravity near massive objects [they are refracted by EM fields near massive objects].... The GPS system is a test of SR not GR effect on photons of EM energy momenta..... and Gravitational fields are not the result of 'curved spacetime' as supposed

Only by geometrically defining and differentiating 2d mass from 3D Matter [in lieu of relativistic stress energy tensors] can science advance beyond the dogma of 19th century physics.


"GOD does not play dice with our Universe"

Our Universe is an electrically engineered EM environment comprised of countless [yet finite] equilateral Planck quanta of energy momenta...

Not a universe filled with spherical entities that can't make up their mind what and where they are, indeterminately blinking in and out of existence depending on if you happen to be looking for them or not.....

The statistical probability distributions that mathematicians lovingly attribute to indeterminacy and uncertainty in physics is nothing more than the gaussian distribution of bosons and photons in EM fields that make up all mass-ENERGY-Matter and fields of Force in our Universe...

May 2015 be filled with real geometric knowledge and understanding of the physics of our Universe - Tetryonics