Equilateral Geometry of Energy

Equilateral Geometry of Energy

"The content of equilateral Planck quanta within any charged field forms a normal [bell curve] distribution on which the statistical probabilities of QM are based [1,2,3,4...n....4,3,2,1]

Tetryonics theory reveals these to be discrete finite elements [or quanta] that form transverse Bosons [odd.hv] involved in EM induction, and longitudinal Photons [2n.hv] involved in the transmission of energy momenta.

Accordingly infinities, while catered for by the exponential, equilateral geometry of the fields themselves remain just a mathematical tool as each field is composed of discrete, finite elements of mass.momenta [Planck quanta], with successive ODD hv quanta integrating to form SQUARED hv scalar energy fields of energy momenta whose physical properties and probability distributions can be measured in terms of their inertial mass [m].

These distributions are an inherent foundational property of physics at the quantum-scale due to the equilateral Planck quanta that forms mass-ENERGY-Matter and its fields of Force & motion.

Accordingly, it follows that any change to the known physics of a measured system MUST be afforded to that system through the emission and absorption of discrete, finite odd.hv quantum 'steps' [or bosons] of energy momenta." --KCA