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This opened section is promoting any kind of business, any entrepreneurial activity and any attempt to provide masses with the truth about our existence, free energy and means that prevent or even cure disease.

We also encourage people to suggest collaborations regarding mental healing methods that prove psychiatry a scam and to present any new research in neuro-cognition, brain and consciousness studies. Anyone or any .Org is equal in any type of cooperation or collaboration no matter occupation, company type or establishment such as an university, college or even kindergarten.

Once you bring new ideas into this world and if you are among those who would rather emit than receive different frequencies, you are fairly welcome to share stories. Our team & those from the collaboration section are now assembling from all parts of the globe.

We assist one another on questions and insights and we share with the world. Note that you should not expect any funding from us as we also do not charge any of our consulting fees, for you should know that we operate beyond space, time and money. 

 We do not need a commercial sham and are free from taxation unless we make any profit form publications. We offer all our essays and papers to the public free of charge that is why we fulfill this criteria. Nobody or no .Org appears in any order.

If you wish you can submit your activity reports to appear in our news and events section. One can exit our think tank anytime.

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