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My name is Richard and I could go on and on about me, and since this is the "/about-me" page I guess I will...

It all started when I was born, or you could say that it all started when I "woke" up one fateful day in 1983. At three years of age I awoke, one day, to a world of myself where for the first time, I arrived at a conscious state. I soon began to see myself as separate from everything else. It wasn't more than a week later that I began looking up at the night sky in all it's magnificence. I started asking the BIG questions such as, "How did I get here?" and "Where did I come from?" along with many other questions about my recent arrival, and I am still seeking answers to this very day.

Strange, I know, but these and many more questions began to surface, and I've never ever looked back. I've questioned everything with my inquisitive mind, and my curiosities have lead me to where I am suppose to be.

I see myself wearing many hats these days. Music has always been a passion for me. I play drums and I can't express the level of joy the drums bring to my life. Physics and Math is even a greater passion along with writing, painting, drawing, and just about anything else having to do with creative aspects of life. I am a content creator of a unique variety, and it's anybody's guess as to what will be created next. 

Fast forward 29 years and a lot of research on the web...I came across Tetryonics. Kelvin ABRAHAM was beyond gracious with his time as he guided me through the key concepts of his Unifying Theory. I haven't looked back, and my life hasn't been the same since.

It's my greatest honor and pleasure to introduce to you K.C. Abraham. I owe him a great deal of gratitude and I'm humbled to have spent this one on one time with Kelvin. Without further ado...

"The equilateral geometry I’ve often referred to is what others know as Planck’s constant.

With triangles of Planck quanta problems are resolved in practice, as in the maths, by understanding that energy can be stored as mass geometries in Matter topologies, we can build an energy source which is non-polluting and clean up our polluted environment at the same time.

It is possible to reduce our massive stockpiles of radioactive wastes and convert them to sources of clean, limitless energy for all, irrespective of their locations.

Extending and applying the same technologies to chemistry and biology we can create limitless supplies of any element or compound and tackle diseases from the quantum level up."--Kelvin C. Abraham

Not even 6 months after Tetryonics was released into the public domain, scientific awards at the university level have already been awarded to a couple of students applying Tetryonics in their studies. Click the image for more details on this award.

I've been looking at Tetryonics for over 2 years now, and I will admit that I'm not even through the first book. With 5 volumes, this is going to provide years and years of worthy study as my investigations continue. 

I owe some other individuals a great deal of gratitude for their time and openness to discuss some key points about this reality. 

My Beautiful and Eternally Talented Wife Emma Lee - The love you show me and the support you offer is a one-of-a-kind perfect fit for my heart. May we be blessed to journey this plane together and enjoy all that life has to offer. You're my MVP!

MSc. Andraž Pibernik aka Prof. Andy has played a major role in awakening me to yet another unique way of inspecting and investigating this reality construct. I want to thank Andy for his dedication and patience in looking at a great deal of information over the last year. Andy and I have enjoyed countless conversations and "Cut-Throat Competition" as we journey to become "Sapiedelic", a word coined by Andy himself, meaning (Sapie = wisdom, Delic = to acquire ). He's the captain of our ship at ForAllKind.com and is on a mission to support, consult, and promote any endeavor that contributes to uplifting humanity. Andy has welcomed me as a Collaborator and Task Force Member and has helped me to re-engineer my endeavor to heal the world in my own unique way. See Also, http://www.forallkind.com/#!no-limits-for-all-kind-initiative/c1gos

Rene Cormier who stated, "We gravitate and relate to geometric forms and images - not because its a logical expression of beauty - but because its an intrinsic expression of consciousness." Rene has volunteered much information and guidance with an ever open mind and a caring heart. He shines a constant light of understanding that spans many disciplines and has assisted me in my search for truth, while motivating me to find my own path.

TecZ ombie of AetherForce.com has served as yet another inspiration. He has lead by example and stuck to his guns. The two of us have a lot to discuss, and I look forward to what the next year will bring. His dedication and persistence boggles the mind. He is yet another brother in service to truth. I published "The Geometry of Tetryonics" and will submit further articles as I am able. 

Bill Murray of Awaken Your Beast because you're just awesome, and you are a soldier for truth. We exchange information of a different variety than those listed above, however your service to humanity and determination is worthy to be emulated. I have a profound respect for your work as you lift the veil of ignorance and deception our world government and political structures sell to the masses. You have my support, and I thank you for all your updates and thoughtful actions to improve this world one person at a time. 

...more names to appear below...as time permits. I have many to thank.

I will be updating this post as I am inspired to do so. I love you all, I have great hope for humanity, and as always, please let me know if you have any questions. I am all too happy to point you to the truth, however I am nobody special. We all play our part wherever necessary. -- Punkster Richard


Now here's a song for those interested in hearing what the Quentin Cash Band sounds like. I thank my musical brothers, Jon Reid, Jon Watje, and Chancellor Ruster for so many amazing jam sessions and letting me rant on and on regarding my philosophical musings. Emma Lee, your creativity never ceases to amaze me and creating music with you is simply a dream come true. You are all so very special to me as we create from nothing and turn it into something.

To all the other musicians I've worked with over the years, thank you for sharing your talents with me. You were all there for me when I needed it most, and I will keep our memories alive by simply continuing to create for ever and ever. 

Human Interest by Richard Blankenship

The system we live in is F#@$ed.
It's whacked and so very corrupt.
When I open my eyes, I see the demise,
Of a once great nation who fought for the prize.

Freedom, where have you gone?
Were you just a hopeless pawn?
Like the soldier who stood the front lines,
Who's intentions are nothing but fine,
Thought they were safe from the bullets
Even when they were inside the lines,
Left to deal with what's left of their minds.

America has fallen from grace,
And it's time we fight to save face.
We don't need the politics,
Or media with all it's lies,
All we need is to unify and
Report what we see with our own eyes!

Troubles are around the corner,
Over the horizon and beyond,
I'll tell you now,
I think we've all been conned!
It's on purpose that we have so many issues,
Someone has power they are willing to abuse

These forces strive to divide,
They want us to suffer, and
They want us to hide.

It's all based on an ancient system of fear,
But not to worry the new law is right here.
I'm the one that turns the tides,
On those that rule and those that bind.

Instill fear in the hearts of these men,
And in this way, the power of the people will win.
Turn the tables on those in shame,
We've all seen how they play this game.

I'm sick and tired of all the lies,
Looking around I see the cries,
Of an America that's lost it's ties,
To Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


When Enough Hearts Bleed

If the truth were laid bare for all to see, 
the shock in our eyes would never cease to be.

Are you of the awake, asleep, or walking dead?
It may be too late to lay down your head.

Freedom and Equality do not exists, 
A mutually exclusive definition persists.

It's up to us, one and the same, 
To rewrite the rules and change the game.

Or sit by and watch them take it away, 
Without a fight or voice to persuade.

Once it's gone, it will never come back, 
Where oh where did we get so off track?

Change is coming, and it's coming quick, 
Sides you must choose, sides you must pick.

Beneficent quest to uplift the rest, 
Is near insanity, I can surely attest.

Truth be told, we have lost our faith,
That humanity can find it's rightful place.

The quest to quench the thirst for greed, 
Can only be stopped when enough hearts bleed.